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DUBturbo Review


Are you looking for the ultimate beat maker? Do you want to create professional beats that sounds professional and that will get noticed? I have learned that it was fairly easy to create your own music, you will never have to spend hours upon hours of using conventional beatmakers and beat maker software. All you need is a special tool where you can make professionally-made beats at the least possible time. Introducing DUBturbo, reviewed as the most controversial beatmaker in the market because it costs 10x less than all other beat maker software sold anywhere.

What is DUBturbo?

DUBturbo is music software that you purchase online. After purchasing and downloading, you install it as a program in your PC to use as a beat making software. It comes with training videos as well as tons of free stuff to get you started right away. DUBturbo may be used by novice music makers and beat makers but many professionals are starting to notice how clever and high quality beats are from DUBturbo. How do I know this? Just listen to how I made it big with DUBturbo.

I started out with conventional, no; call it traditional beat software where I spent hours upon hours of my precious time extracting beats from one song to make my own. I would carefully listen and mixed beats with the use of old age synthesizers and a mixer thinking this was the most efficient thing to do. It took me too long to produce my own music plus my beats were not actually my own. They were second generation, maybe third generation beats that I was trying to mess with.

I finally stumbled upon DUBturbo as“experimental” beatmaker software. I just thought that it won’t hurt to learn something new. I started making some samples and was impressed how easy it was to use. The interface was way cooler and easier to use compared to other beat maker software I used before.  These were all because of DUBturbo’s amazing features like:

  • DUBturbo DT (dynamic tonality) Sequencer – it takes a little time to master the ST sequencer from DUBturbo; it may look intimidating but trust me this is the heart of your beat making studio. Here you can make trigger sounds and follow through with 1000 types of drums and sounds you can use. You can easily edit your samples easily and export them with studio quality sound. You will never miss a beat with a built in metronome plus an exclusive link to the contests and submission section of the DUBturbo site to keep all your beats new and fresh all the time!
  • The DUBturbo 4 octave keyboard – just like having your own mini keyboard built in your computer but there is nothing “mini” about this awesome feature. Imagine a 4 octave keyboard that lets you move from one musical instrument to another, edit beat sounds, make melodies, edit volumes, erase notes and even detail all your recording so notes are all in the right spots. With 1000 kinds of sound to play with!
  • DUBturbo Drum pads – I have dreamed of getting my own drum set for my beats but now that I have a drum machine panel built in my PC, why do I need one? I have 10 pads to start and can easily edit the volume of each one. Drum beat sounds are full, digitally mastered and you can easily move drum sounds anywhere you want in your song.

Why choose DUBturbo?

I think a better alternative for this question is why NOT choose DUBturbo. There is absolutely nothing to lose when you make this purchase. With fine music beats created through your very own beat maker software, you can basically make your own music. But if you dream of making it big, you can use this beatmaker to make beats for website audio, make custom dubs, make music for videos or video scores, music for games (online, console and portable games), make cool ringtones and even promotional music for infomercials or commercials.

There is so much you can do with DUBturbo beatmaker and I guarantee that when you love something that you do, you will always put your best in it just like I did! I am now making game themes and simple music for apps. I love techy stuff and I love music; what more could I ask for?

What are the disadvantages of DUBturbo?

There is clearly NO disadvantage in spending just a few dollars for this music software. Imagine just for a cheap on- time payment, you can make beats and music like you have never had before plus you can make a living from it too! Try this beat maker software and be a part of the many artists, music enthusiasts and pros that have made DUBturbo a part of their success. You too can enjoy DUBturbo and share your talent to the rest of the planet!

I definitely recommend DUBturbo beatmaker / beat maker software / music software to anyone who would like to make their own music and unleash their talent that has been dying to come out. Stop using software that will take too much of your time and try a DUBturbo today.

Included in your purchase is the new DUBturbo 2.0 software, 4 Premium Samplers, Movie and Mood Royalty Free, DT Instrumentals, Training Videos, premium updates that you can get through email and an exclusive 60 day full refund with no questions asked.
Don’t worry if you have never made beats before or have not even touched a sequencer or a drum set before. DUBturbo is all you need to make perfect sounds and beats!